Friday, 27 December 2013

How To Reduce Weight the Easy Way

The contemporary lifestyle and eating habits have made obesity a common problem. The causes of that stubborn belly fat and love handles are interwoven in our daily routine. We blame the adulterated food products available, stress at work, lack of time to fix proper meals, and even heredity. Hence, we blame everything in short; everything but ourselves. The daily resolutions of eating better and living healthier are discarded like a lost thought, but everything apart from us is to be blamed for it. Some belong to the other strata; they starve themselves in the hope that it would make a difference, and then get annoyed shortly due to the lack of results. They tend to land back harder on their previous routine, thus, gaining more weight than they would have lost.

So if you lie in either of the categories and are wondering that how to reduce weight, then these basic changes may help you.

Reduce Weight in a Easy Way

Never Say Never

Never say no to sweets, chocolates, ghee, butter, parathas and all that yum-yum! stuff that you love to savor upon; instead limit the consumption. You could eat that once a week and switch to fruit salad the next day to balance out the carbs and to lose belly fat. A complete reluctance from these would make your body highly sensitive to them and hence you may end up gaining more Pounds; unless you intend to leave these completely for a lifetime.

Get on the Dance Floor

Dance like crazy. Well if you can enjoy yourself and lose belly fat together, then why not. Close your room tune in loud and dance like crazy for 1 hour daily.

Gulp It All Down

Focus on the liquids, water, soups, juices, drink it all. Remember 7ltrs. Of liquid should reach your body per day. Moreover the age-old remedy of hot water+lemon juice+honey if taken first thing in the morning can actually melt it down round your waist.

Well this was how to reduce weight and I am sure it would help you move towards a thinner, healthier self.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Beauty schools and courses

VLCC Beauty School
Cosmetology is one of the fastest growing courses in aspects of popularity. Women have always been aware about their looks and appearance and are known to take help of professional beauty cares for the treatment or assistance on looks and appearance. While, the interest of women has gained more popularity in beauty courses, now men are also conscious about their looks. Such an increased demand of professional beauty experts has encouraged the establishment of beauty schools all over country. The courses in a beauty school deal with various courses in beauty treatments such as nail paint art, pedicure, manicure, facials, bleach, hair styling and cutting, etc. People need these services a couple of times every year; hence this demand of specific hair schools and other beauty course has increased even further.

If you are considering a career in this field, then you should get familiar with a couple of thing about this field first. There are various disciplines and specializations in the beauty school courses, and having a career in most of these requires getting training from experts and a proper license as well. IN general sense, professionals who are involved in beauty treatments like hair styling, nail art, manicure, and pedicure are considered as the cosmetology professionals. People who are practicing other type of similar beauty treatments are also known as cosmetologist, but for pedicure, manicure and hair cutting- you need a license. Starting a business in these field require you to have a training and license.

Getting training and education about this course requires you to attend a beauty school, which can be a general beauty school or any of the specific industry school such as hair schools. There are plenty of beauty schools where you can get training to become a professional beauty expert. In most cases, there is no need to have a specific educational background in order to get enrolled in these courses. Most courses are diploma courses.

Online cosmetology courses:

If you are already pursuing a job and you wish to get education in the beauty courses, then there are plenty of online beauty courses available, in addition to the distance courses in cosmetology. If you are not able to give enough time to attend formal classes for these courses then the online beauty courses are the best option for you. There are various specialization courses available in the online mode of beauty courses, and you get to learn many useful tips and techniques for the beauty treatments. Before registering for an online course, make sure to check the authenticity of the institute and the course.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Diet Control: The Ultimate Way to Fitness

We come to this world with perfect body, but tend to destroy it through our ill habits. Mostly these ill habits consist of poor quality diet. So to maintain a proper healthy body, what you require is a nutritious health centred balanced diet. Balanced diet does not stop you to consume any kind of food, but rather only controls, limits and adds to the quantity of each type of food that you should take. So let us see and understand the dos and don’ts for having a balanced diet for an effective weight reduction.

Our food consists of 6 major parts which include protein, fats, water, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and each of them is required to be consumed in a proper mix. Most of us suffer from obesity which in later time is the mother of many fatal diseases and thus most balanced diets are focused on weight reduction.

Diet Control to Improve Your Fitness

Our body requires up to 20% of its mass to be made of fats and carbohydrates and around 25% to be made of protein. In this case, a proper balanced diet to lose weight most consist of low fat, low carbohydrate, food rich in protein. Roasted, fried and spicy food need to be replaced by green vegetables, milk products and boiled food. The person must consume at an average 6 to 8 litres of water to reduce his fat content through sweat and urine. Red meat, ghee and oils should be avoided as much as possible while eating of fruit, vegetables and low fat milk products should be increased.

For people who love non-veg, red meat can be replaced by egg, fish, prawns and other seafood; even soybean is a very viable option. All these products are low on fat and carbohydrates while they are extremely rich in protein content. For a proper diet to lose weight, you not only need the right kind of food, but also require it to be consumed in small portions at a particular time interval. It is always advised to take many small packets of food rather than one huge quantity at a large time interval.

As you can well understand the need to fight obesity due to its ability to hamper your healthy by creating many problems like arthritis, high BP, diabetes, heart problems, respiratory problems, kidney and other problems and the use of a proper diet to deal with it, I bet you must be very interested in keeping your body fit by maintaining a bit of self control on your feeding habits. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Get Fair the Right Way

All of us need regular and proper skin care solutions that work in accordance to our skin type. Ensuring that the elastin and collagen are maintained is important to combat premature ageing and using skin whitening products that serves the purpose is equally essential. Our body has the ability to heal faster at a younger age, but as we grow older, the challenge increases, simultaneously, which is why it is even more important that we maintain a consistent daily routine to keep the older dermis healthy and firm.

Fairness is inherent to our genes, but with age, the epidermis layer tends to become darker in colour, owing to pollution and external environmental influences. Facial products are available to combat sunspots and help to get back that youthful glow and hence, it is even more essential that we understand what works best to protect and treat concerns that adds to our age rather than reducing it.

In a fairness skincare routine, using an effective cleanser is of the foremost need. This helps to cleanse the face off all impurities and dirt and open pores that allow them to breath in oxygen. The use of natural essential oils is equally beneficial to ensure maximized nourishment. To this effect, use an effective cleanser to exfoliate, but gently. For dry skin use a cream-base cleanser once a day and if oily use an oil-free cleanser at least twice daily. And always use lukewarm water to rinse off.

Skin whitening lotions are equally necessary to combat damage that occurs from prolonged exposure to the sun and external influences. This also means that if the body is subjected to harmful ingredient, it will age faster. A creamy lotion after the cleansing routine helps prepare the skin for the day and if you can consult an expert dermatologist on what product with work best for your skin type.