Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fitness tips for Ectomorphs

In a world obsessed with weight loss and a leaner frame, people on the other side of the aisle feel left out. When all the talk is about shedding off a few pounds, it is rather an irony that ectomorphs struggle to add mass. Naturally blessed with a thin frame, an ectomorph figure usually has fragile body, long limbs and a thin frame. Despite endless hours at gym and gulping several shots of tonics and home remedies, there is little that changes. And worse, they are little disposed to keep the gained weight on them.

While advice and plans for their counterparts are available in abundance—not to mention rather overwhelmingly—ectomorphs often feel lost. So here we have a few tips from dietician course experts on the ideal diet map for lean people. It is expected to be in complete contrast to what is prescribed for the obese, but surprisingly that’s not the case. In fact, the two body types are on the same plane regarding the diet workout balance. Only through the right intake and output energy should you expect to see any changes—and that simply translates into a well-rounded physical training plus diet plan, says a beauty class and fitness enthusiast.
•    Out of the numerous exercise plans that you might have looked up on the net, choose the one that involves progressive training. Since endomorphs have a higher metabolism rate, they can easily burn out whatever they eat. And it is also the body type that can over train very easily. So following a progressive training is the key to success.

•    Warm up, an essential part of almost any work-out session is even special for ectomorphs. Do the right warm-up before each of your work-outs to boost performance and glide in easily into the tougher ones.

•    Avoid Cardio altogether. It eats up on whatever little metabolism your frenzied metabolism spares.

•    Eat high carb instead of high fat diets, as being leaner doesn’t make you any less susceptible to heart attacks or breakouts. Besides the slow energy release of carbs will burn up slow and will keep your energy levels up.     

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Must Have Tools for Styling Wavy Hair

Beauty these days has become an undying obsession! In this obsession it is the hair which holds a special place. Hair undoubtedly occupies an imperative place in the beauty regime of a woman. Accentuating the appearance, hair gives any woman an attractive and beautiful look, observes a renowned beauty parlour.

Out of several types of hair, one that is worth the envy of all is wavy hair. However managing and taking care of this hair is quite a challenge! Here are some tools which are essential to manage the wavy hair:

  • Hair Brush

The foremost thing which you need to have is a wooden hair brush in your drawer. This tip might sound too out-dated but it is the most effective and helpful one. Hair brush not only aids you to keep your hair managed but also assist you when you plan to style your hair, states a famous beauty salon.

  • Hair Dryer

The second important tool which you must have in your closet is a professional hair dryer. While saving the hair from the damage it also ensures that your hair has a soft texture. But make notice of it that using dryer shouldn’t be a part of your lifestyle. You should always use them occasionally. Ensure that you use blow-dry only twice a week.

  • Curling Iron

It is an incredible addition to your daily styling. By heating quickly it helps to style your wavy hair quickly. Also because there are no chances of overheating the product, it causes no damage to the hair. These can also be used for hair straightening.

  • Hot Rollers

The most simple and basic styling tool undoubtedly is hot rollers. Glamming your appearance it sure will give you the look of a Diva.

Beauty salons also suggest in the favour of using hair spray along with rollers. This makes your hair glow after styling.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Home Remedies for Whiter Skin Tone

There is no woman who would desire a fairer or a whiter tone. At least all Indian women do! This is how Indians are conditioned, in awe of white skin and admiring all that is fair. True that brown and black have their own charm. However skin whitening is something we are still obsessed with. In this desperation we keep on looking for ways for skin whitening which many a time cost us most on our skin care regime.

skin whitening

But a whiter tone is not enough; you also need to ensure that the skin is free from patches and pigmentation to flaunt it right. In the process several of us end up spending a huge sum on cosmetic products which basically serve no purpose. To help you better, here is a list of homemade masks which are safe and effective to use.

-Milk powder and Lemon juice Face Pack:

Mix milk powder with lemon juice and some honey to make a face mask for flaunting a white tone. This of course can be easily prepared and should be applied for some 10 minutes. While serving as an  effect of anti ageing cream mask, a routine application of the mask helps in a skin glow as well.

-Oatmeal and Sour Curd Face Mask:

Soak oatmeal overnight and grind it with sour curd in the morning to prepare a paste of it. Using this as regular face mask will help you regain a fairer tone.

-Potato Pulp:

Just like lemon, potato also has mild bleaching properties. A regular application of potato pulp or juice helps in skin whitening products while providing the skin with an unmatchable glow.

-Turmeric and Tomato Face Pack:

Turmeric along with having various anti-septic properties when mixed with tomato or lemon juice helps in getting a desired fairness.

-Sweet Almond Oil:

Massaging regularly with almond oil, improves the blood circulation. The improved blood circulation then directly affects and enhances the glow and fairness of the skin.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How these Super-Foods can Help You Cut Out on the Belly Fat?

What would you do with a spare tire, when it is not of your car, but that round, flabby thing around your stomach?

Everything in the world to get rid of it, of course!

Belly fat is the worst kind of a fat. No woman (or man, for that matter) would want bulges from her (or his) trousers, protruding out to the point of looking hideous.

Want to lose belly fat? Here is how you can cut out on the belly fat with some simple, super-foods.

  • Oatmeal

You wake up after a 7 to 8 hour long fast. Clearly your sugar levels are running low and you pounce on the first sugary thing you come across. But early morning sugary indulgences can add to the weight, not to forget to the waistline, too. Having a bowl of oatmeal sprinkled with the freshness of fruits and honey can help keep sugary cravings at bay.

  • Almonds and other Nuts

Studies reveal that people who gorge on nuts rather than on chips and chocolates feel full for long. A handful of almonds and walnuts can satiate the hunger without overloading on calories. Go nuts!

  • Peanut Butter

Anything that is tasty is bound to fattening, right? Wrong. Peanut butter is rather notorious for the amount of calories it is laden with. But little do people know that it is packed with niacin, which keeps the digestive system healthy and prevents belly bloat. So it turns out that you need not go on a weight-loss diet to slash off that extra flab. As long as you limit yourself to two tablespoons a day, peanut butter is all for help!

  • Berries

Berries are the most underestimated in the fruit clan. Not many people know that it is packed with fibre that keeps the tummy going for at least half a day. Just one cup of rasberries has over 6 grams of fibre.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Improving cellulite through home remedies

The rippled and dimpled bulge in skin that we commonly refer to as cellulite is one of those beauty problems which continues to irk people but still we haven’t come up with any specific miracle treatments. Unlike your other beauty woes, you don’t find any off-the-shelf products and dieting doesn’t help with it. In fact, as most have believed, it is no longer a problem linked with obesity. Even thinner women with perfect BMI are complaining of it. 

Scientists have divided views over the causes and determining factors. However, most blame it upon lifestyle changes, genetics, inactivity and lack of exercise. They have even come up with several cosmetic treatments which visibly reduce and improve the appearance of cellulites. But if you are unwilling to adopt extreme measures, here are some DIY tips which may improve the appearance over time.

Dry Brushing


Besides improving cellulite, this is something that has multiple benefits and must be done daily. It improves the blood flow in skin and tissues, removes dead skin and clears of bumps and freckles on the skin. The ideal time of doing it is just before shower. Keep a soft brush with natural bristles in shower and brush your skin in single straight strokes directed towards the heart.

Coffee Scrub

The massage and exfoliation has multiple benefits including skin tightening and improved blood flow which will help with the problem. Take a spoonful of coffee, add another spoon of brown sugar and enough melted coconut oil to give it a paste like consistency. Now massage it in deep circular motions on the affected area. Use this scrub every day for best results. 

Consuming Gelatine

A purely animal based product, it is found in bone broth, and meat. It contains collagen, the building block of skin, which will supplement bone, nail and hair strength. It will also improve the elasticity of your skin, thus repairing the broken or unnaturally linked tissues responsible for orange-peel skin. Though, vegans and vegetarians may find it hard to include it in their diets. There are supplements available, but they are also animal products.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Exciting Career Options to Choose From

Dating back to late 90s, there were hardly few who were familiar and so as there was familiarity to cosmetology courses. Nowadays, there’s an availability of great range of products that can make an individual excel and diversify their portfolio in a different sphere altogether. Apart from engineering and medical, there’s a lot more that you as an individual can get into and add in new dimensions to your career. These courses vary from course beauty to nutrition courses. 

Those who were always keen on getting into this sphere, but some sort of skeptical thinking was taking toll over in one way or the other, fret not! There’s a lot that can be done, this is just a start. Not everyone is blessed with great body with flawless features. Some keep flaunting and experimenting with the way they look, whereas the rest keep on wishing and thinking “they could’. But leaving aside all of this, the good news is that this is where course beauty professionals come to rescue.

There’s no hard and fast rule that those who want to make this as their profession can sought to this course. Even if cosmetics attract your attention and you feel like keep on experimenting with looks, this course would surely be apt. 

You’re likely to be amazed with the innovative stuff that you probably can do with your eye and so as other stuff. So what all are you thinking over much? There’s a lot of innovative stuff that you can get into. If engineering and medical do not seem to be of your sort, do not fret! There’s a lot that you can do, instead of entertaining any sort of stereotypical mindset.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Beauty and Nutrition Courses at VLCC

Are you considering making a career out of what you know about beauty and nutrition? To clear all misconceptions right at the beginning, it’s a field that requires specialized training before you can jump into the business.

The VLCC Institute houses a professional team of individuals who are ready to work with you towards making your dreams come true. 

nutrition courses

The VLCC institute of beauty and nutrition was established at the beginning of the millennium and has made its presence felt in multiple cities and towns all across India, with one of them situated in Kathmandu, Nepal.  It offers a professional course in beauty, cosmetology, makeup, spa therapies and nutrition. There is a whole range of long-term and short-term courses offered by the institute as under beauty courses and nutrition courses

Some interesting courses in beauty offered by the VLCC Institute include:

1. Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology
    Duration - 8 Months
    Minimum Qualification - 10th

2.  Diploma in Beauty Culture
     Duration - 4 Months 
     Minimum Qualification - 10th

3.  Diploma in Hair Designing
     Duration – 4 Months
     Minimum Qualifications – 10th

4.  Professional Makeup
     Duration - 2 Months
     Minimum Qualification - 10th

All the above courses may lead you to make a prosperous career in the fashion industry, beauty industry, Hotels, Film and TV or you could even start your own business like a salon. 

The institute also offers a nutrition course and earning a Diploma in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition which is a year’s course with an additional 3 months of internship program included, could land you in a Hospital or a nursing home, corporate house, slimming center, gym, or even a hotel. The minimum qualification required to be eligible to enroll into the nutrition course is Graduation.

For further information, you can visit VLCC’s website to know about more courses and where you fit in the best. There are ample career options available with each course. Choose wisely!