Thursday, 13 November 2014

Improving cellulite through home remedies

The rippled and dimpled bulge in skin that we commonly refer to as cellulite is one of those beauty problems which continues to irk people but still we haven’t come up with any specific miracle treatments. Unlike your other beauty woes, you don’t find any off-the-shelf products and dieting doesn’t help with it. In fact, as most have believed, it is no longer a problem linked with obesity. Even thinner women with perfect BMI are complaining of it. 

Scientists have divided views over the causes and determining factors. However, most blame it upon lifestyle changes, genetics, inactivity and lack of exercise. They have even come up with several cosmetic treatments which visibly reduce and improve the appearance of cellulites. But if you are unwilling to adopt extreme measures, here are some DIY tips which may improve the appearance over time.

Dry Brushing


Besides improving cellulite, this is something that has multiple benefits and must be done daily. It improves the blood flow in skin and tissues, removes dead skin and clears of bumps and freckles on the skin. The ideal time of doing it is just before shower. Keep a soft brush with natural bristles in shower and brush your skin in single straight strokes directed towards the heart.

Coffee Scrub

The massage and exfoliation has multiple benefits including skin tightening and improved blood flow which will help with the problem. Take a spoonful of coffee, add another spoon of brown sugar and enough melted coconut oil to give it a paste like consistency. Now massage it in deep circular motions on the affected area. Use this scrub every day for best results. 

Consuming Gelatine

A purely animal based product, it is found in bone broth, and meat. It contains collagen, the building block of skin, which will supplement bone, nail and hair strength. It will also improve the elasticity of your skin, thus repairing the broken or unnaturally linked tissues responsible for orange-peel skin. Though, vegans and vegetarians may find it hard to include it in their diets. There are supplements available, but they are also animal products.

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