Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Beauty and Nutrition Courses at VLCC

Are you considering making a career out of what you know about beauty and nutrition? To clear all misconceptions right at the beginning, it’s a field that requires specialized training before you can jump into the business.

The VLCC Institute houses a professional team of individuals who are ready to work with you towards making your dreams come true. 

nutrition courses

The VLCC institute of beauty and nutrition was established at the beginning of the millennium and has made its presence felt in multiple cities and towns all across India, with one of them situated in Kathmandu, Nepal.  It offers a professional course in beauty, cosmetology, makeup, spa therapies and nutrition. There is a whole range of long-term and short-term courses offered by the institute as under beauty courses and nutrition courses

Some interesting courses in beauty offered by the VLCC Institute include:

1. Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology
    Duration - 8 Months
    Minimum Qualification - 10th

2.  Diploma in Beauty Culture
     Duration - 4 Months 
     Minimum Qualification - 10th

3.  Diploma in Hair Designing
     Duration – 4 Months
     Minimum Qualifications – 10th

4.  Professional Makeup
     Duration - 2 Months
     Minimum Qualification - 10th

All the above courses may lead you to make a prosperous career in the fashion industry, beauty industry, Hotels, Film and TV or you could even start your own business like a salon. 

The institute also offers a nutrition course and earning a Diploma in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition which is a year’s course with an additional 3 months of internship program included, could land you in a Hospital or a nursing home, corporate house, slimming center, gym, or even a hotel. The minimum qualification required to be eligible to enroll into the nutrition course is Graduation.

For further information, you can visit VLCC’s website to know about more courses and where you fit in the best. There are ample career options available with each course. Choose wisely! 


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