Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Diet Control: The Ultimate Way to Fitness

We come to this world with perfect body, but tend to destroy it through our ill habits. Mostly these ill habits consist of poor quality diet. So to maintain a proper healthy body, what you require is a nutritious health centred balanced diet. Balanced diet does not stop you to consume any kind of food, but rather only controls, limits and adds to the quantity of each type of food that you should take. So let us see and understand the dos and don’ts for having a balanced diet for an effective weight reduction.

Our food consists of 6 major parts which include protein, fats, water, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and each of them is required to be consumed in a proper mix. Most of us suffer from obesity which in later time is the mother of many fatal diseases and thus most balanced diets are focused on weight reduction.

Diet Control to Improve Your Fitness

Our body requires up to 20% of its mass to be made of fats and carbohydrates and around 25% to be made of protein. In this case, a proper balanced diet to lose weight most consist of low fat, low carbohydrate, food rich in protein. Roasted, fried and spicy food need to be replaced by green vegetables, milk products and boiled food. The person must consume at an average 6 to 8 litres of water to reduce his fat content through sweat and urine. Red meat, ghee and oils should be avoided as much as possible while eating of fruit, vegetables and low fat milk products should be increased.

For people who love non-veg, red meat can be replaced by egg, fish, prawns and other seafood; even soybean is a very viable option. All these products are low on fat and carbohydrates while they are extremely rich in protein content. For a proper diet to lose weight, you not only need the right kind of food, but also require it to be consumed in small portions at a particular time interval. It is always advised to take many small packets of food rather than one huge quantity at a large time interval.

As you can well understand the need to fight obesity due to its ability to hamper your healthy by creating many problems like arthritis, high BP, diabetes, heart problems, respiratory problems, kidney and other problems and the use of a proper diet to deal with it, I bet you must be very interested in keeping your body fit by maintaining a bit of self control on your feeding habits. 

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