Friday, 22 August 2014

How about being in cosmetology sphere?

Is dabbing a bucketful of foundation, applying a few blusher shades the only parameters of judging an individual as a makeup artist?? To put it frankly, unlike earlier wherein there were a few career options, now when there are, many still fail to acknowledge to its imperativeness. Say for instance: if it’s about a makeup artist, many entertain mindset that its limited to applying makeup, sprinkle a few eye shades and the job is done. For some odd reason, many parents hesitate in allowing their children to enrol in courses such as Diploma in health or makeup courses. If you too are a part of this common herd mentality, you certainly need to change such obsolete mindset. Things have changed and have undergone sea difference. 

Yes, a makeup artist probably does everything as aforementioned; probably ten times much but the fact certainly remains unchanged a makeup artist doesn’t adorn like me or you. Many who charter into this genre are likely to be precise, begin with makeup courses from beauty institute of repute. Depending on course, time-span varies. There are a few beauty training courses wherein courses lasts for six months to one year and so on. Once a student gains practical experience on-field, it certainly becomes flexible to get-into the glamour-world.

Be it a small screen show or movie, many a time, shots get balloon stretched. Thus, to ascertain to the fact that artist’s appearance is in conjunction of the requirement suffice at his work. This is where it has to be considered that each and every aspect is scrutinized aptly.

So all those who have been thinking to get into this profession, do not waste time and think over much about anything. Just step into this sphere, choose plethora of courses to choose from varying from Diploma in health to being a dietician, you will feel good about the decision forever. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Benefits of a Healthy Diet

You need a healthy and balanced diet to provide your body with the required nutrients. This nutrient keeps your body and brain active, gives you energy, strengthens the bones and regulates all the body processes. Good nutrition lowers the risk of falling to chronic disease like diabetes, heart problems and certain kinds of cancer. Healthy eating habits help you fight unnecessary food cravings and help you maintain the right weight. Resorting to schedules like skipping meals to lose weight is another unhealthy way of dealing with obesity. Moreover avoiding extreme hunger increases the likelihood of indulging in increased overeating sprees.

Having realized the importance of a healthy diet you need tools like BMI calculator available online and with experts come in handy to estimate your body fat. It is in fact a measure of your weight in relation to your health. Body Mass Index (BMI) is compelling to decide a healthy diet chart for you, by understanding the nutritional requirements, since nutrient requirements vary in different individuals with different lifestyles.

To list there are numerous advantages of a healthy diet plan. To name a few:

Flatter Belly

A healthy diet limits sodium and high-sugar carbonated drinks helps in reducing belly fat while fiber-rich diet reduces constipation.

Controls the Stress Levels

A wholesome diet plan including Vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids amongst others helps in reducing the cortisol levels and protects the immune system.

Saves Money

By fewer stroll to the grocery shop, fewer medical bills and cutting down on packed food increases your chances of saving money.

Healthy Body

Reduced risk to body ailments like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and obesity ensures a healthier body. A study from the data collected from BMI calculator showed that a healthy diet in combination with regular exercise increased the life expectancy in an age group of 70’s.

Glowing Skin

Food with high water content like certain fruits and vegetables keep your skin moisturized and hydrated hence natural radiance.

How to detangle curly locks conveniently?

Not every girl is blessed with beautiful tresses, there are many girls who in order to manage their dry and rough locks, splurge a lot but still end up feeling disappointed. There’s availability of  a diversified range of hair colours in markets, so all that you need to do is take an initiative and search online, you’ll come across a myriad of cosmetic products varying from hair colours to facials. 

hair colour

It’s been observed that those girls who have curly wavy locks find it difficult to manage and flaunt their way out, whereas those who do not have curly hair prefer having curly locks. There are a few girls who fail to take proper care of their curly hair. Curly hair adds in spunk to ensemble so what are you waiting over much? Check out each of these tips to flaunt your curly and voluminous locks:

Shampoo: instead of buying shampoo and conditioner of two different brands, prefer picking up both that’s manufactured by the same company. Apart from this, do not buy hair products just because you found out the fragrance tempting, it might affect locks in future. Apart from shampoo and conditioner, do not forget to buy hair masks and serum. You should apply hair mask atleast twice a month. This way your hair texture won’t be affected. 

Curl styling cream: similar to facials, there are curl styling creams available in markets. These creams enable a person to detangle curly locks conveniently. 

Cuts and color shades: if you are keen on applying streak of color shades then instead of finalizing any shade randomly, get in touch with a professional and post taking apt recommendations, you can always get it done. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Go easy while removing kajal

Though each make up stuff in our vanity makes a big time difference in our semblance, still there’s something that’s a way ahead that really brings-in a big time change on the way you look…can you make a guess??? Lipstick…yes, blusher…Okay yes, concealer…yes for a few! But something more important…yes…this time many of you guessed it right…kajal. Though a very simple cosmetic item, bit has a tendency to make face appear absolutely different that you have had thought for…in a positive way obviously, says professional. Those who are habitual of applying kajal and somehow miss it one day are bound to face a common question i.e. hey…what’s wrong? Is everything okay…this is because it begins looking as if something is missing and no matter how smartly a girl is dressed, it leaves behind the ‘in-completeness’ in the overall getup.  At the very same time…if kajal is applied and you sleep, the very next morning, people begin asking…hey what’s wrong. Someone punched you or what? Many begin giving recommendations on healthy eating habits. See you look stressed and dark circles are ruining your looks. Do something…eat healthy food! You are likely to stuck both ways. So, what next? Either resort to an ayurvedic treatment or follow the ascribed solution:

ayurvedic treatment

Solution: according to an expert, instead of washing your face consistently with a face wash or struggling with a moisturizer to remove kajal, try a simple technique and you’ll see how easily how you’ll be able to do it. It’s been an observation that majority entertains the mindset that washing face frequently affects skin and causes acne, if you also are a part of common herd mentality, you need to put a full stop as washing face has nothing to do with acne or acne treatments as such.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Viable Health

Health that determines the wellness of our mind and body is a very significant aspect of our lives. Contributing immensely to our social well-being. It is that component which motivates highly our emotional and spiritual proponents.  Good health which keeps our mind and body in sync with each other is reflected in our outer appearances as well, which is synonymous with how beautiful a person appears. Thus establishing this relationship between health and beauty, I would further elaborate about how should we understand this close relationship.

Makeup courses

With an availability of multitudes of health programs and makeup courses ,  and concern about their credibility I would tell you what to look for while picking the right one for yourself.  Health and beauty which stand in close proximity with each other logically, are in no alienation when it is about pursuing respective courses for them. Diploma in Health which is viable, considering the contemporary trends, is soon catching up with the conscious young lot. The advantages  for the diploma can be realized by the rapid rise in number of institutes offering graduate and post graduate diploma in the same.
The diploma in health  is also available through a combination of distance learning and action learning classes. The diploma also makes way  for higher  education with a management program in health care depending on an individuals interests and preferences,  preparing the students with principles of managing the health sector. Comprehensively there are workshops which are designed to develop certain management skills with a thorough focus on dietary routines with factors affecting the food selection among individuals and families.

Gaining prominence the health care industry in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of  15% , with private sector emerging as an effervescent  force crediting it  both national and international repute. To conclude it wouldn’t be wrong to say that healthy is wealthy. 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Losing Weight is Simpler than You Thought

Obesity is spread wide and far and as hard as it may seem to admit, most of us are too lazy to take the problem seriously. There are no shortcuts, and no, it can’t be just wished away. You have to sweat out your fair share to get back in shape and own an attractive body.

In fact weight reduction and a healthy diet go hand in hand. and we are not talking about a short term diet that can help you vanish pounds in days. These are diligently inculcated healthy habits that stay with you for life.

So if you are stuck up, scared, thinking where to start, the following healthy habits can give you a great start. And as you progress it will keep you motivated, says a weight reduction trainer.

  • Snacks are no longer on the hit list of your dietician, but replacing your burger with a whole wheat toast or chips with roasted walnuts isn't as bad as you think. It will help you lose weight and keep your skin and hair healthy.
  • Give up watching TV while eating. Don’t include any other activity while eating. It occupies your mind and doesn't let you realize when you are full. You tend to eat 40% more while watching TV.
  • Treat yourself with a large and balanced breakfast for weight reduction. Portions of carbs, proteins and a little fat will keep you going for longer, and help you resist bad choices during lunch.
  • Keep a check on booze. Even a pint of your cocktail can have a whopping 400 calories in the least, which will ruin your entire day’s hard work. So, quit alcohol, its anyway bad, or keep it to the minimum only once in a while. You can get away with vodka or beer one pint once a week.
  • Spend at least thirty minutes on workout every day. It will sculpt your body and tuck in those bulges. Come on! don’t you want to look beautiful.
So, hopefully this sounds easier than it did before you started up with this blog. Go ahead. At least make a start and you will like the light and fresh feel within even before your efforts begin to show on a weighing scale.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Soothe your hair and skin with Hair color and Facials this Monsoon!

The shower spell is perpetually creating havoc, savaging the skin and hair- the most ethereal features of one’s being. Sultry weather conditions have robbed women’s tresses and their skin of their radiance and shine. It’s that terrible time of the year when their life seems to be on the verge of termination. It’s a break them or make them sort of a situation.

hair colour

 Of course, every troubled soul would like to restore normalcy in the way their hair or skin look. And hair colors and facials could offer that. The credibility of hair colors has been eroded due to massive amount of chemicals that they purportedly harbor. But that is only partially true. Hair colour are natural conditioners that assuage the dead and the brittle look of hair. They strengthen the roots and prevent hair fall. If there is one that works wonders for hair without stoking them with dead weight chemicals, then it is a good quality hair color solution.

Tell us if the wet spells spare the glow of your face and we would do anything you say! With the arrival of monsoons, nourishment and shine bid a barbaric goodbye to your skin. That leaves you hapless, too. In such a daunting situation, facial therapies can restore the moisture of your skin and with that, the enchanting vibrance of it, too. Facial therapies come loaded with exfoliating luxuries that breathe life into your seemingly dull and dead skin. It brings your skin to life, a radiant life. There are various facial therapies that provide a rich experience of soothing out the stress from your skin. After all, your skin is reflective of your inner self. And could steer your our self clear of all the mess better than a bewitching facial therapy?

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Crash Course for All Healthy Eaters

These days, wherein every other person is struggling his way out to lose fat and is prioritizing how to reduce weight over anything, it needs to be taken care of that losing weight is not a one day game. If you think that one fine day you suddenly feel that you have gained a few kgs and should work out for an hour to look retain your figure or physique then you need to understand that things do not work out this way. There has to be sincere considerations and apt steps taken against the same in order to be able to look the way you feel.

But those who are in hurry to lose weight as quickly as they can, follow up of the  write up makes a mention of a diet plan that will enable you to help your way out.

• Lemonade: the name itself is enough to talk a lot, still for those who haven’t got by now, instead of waking up smilingly with bed tea, substitute it with brisk walking, followed by lemonade early morning and prior to sleeping.

• Cabbage soup: instead of munching on any unhealthy diet this monsoon, prefer consuming veggie rich, cabbage soup.

• Chicken soup: if you are a non-veg enthusiast, no worries! You can still enjoy your meals with chicken soup.

• Apple and green fruit: stick to the age old saying that says, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Well, good enough but do not forget to skip a green fruit from your diet.

If you haven’t had begun with a dietary plan, fret not! It won't be a tough deal to take care of.  Just begin with the simple things, followed by strict diet plan.