Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Contact lens Solution for Everyday Makeup

Would you believe if somebody tells you that a contact lens solution is a must in their makeup kit? No?
Check out how.
-To fix the dried mascara

Many a time you pamper yourself with expensive mascara and forgot about it. By the time you realise and remember about it, it has already turned dry and clumped. You usually dump it. Don’t know?! Or the much hurt ones add little baby oil or water to get the lost consistency. However it is an effort which goes into vain since the application is already spoiled. But now we have good news for you. Save your mascara! Yes, your expensive mascara. How?

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Take the contact lens solution and add some 4-5 drops of the liquid in your mascara. Add 8 to 10 drops of the solution if your mascara is a bit too old and has turned flaky says an expert in makeup courses. The formula then melts to blow life into the dead mascara. Now close the cap of the bottle and let it revive the mascara.

-Intensifying the eye shadow

The dull appearance which the eye shadows project often frustrates the ones who are fond of having the sharp and lively eye makeup. But now there is a solution to all your frustrations. The trick is to dampen the eye shadow brush with the contact lens solution and then use your favourite eye shadow colour. Take a note to not wet the brush too much else the eye shadow might just be running over the eyes. The bearers in the diploma of health also identify it a safe trick to carry out.

-Try your own coloured eye liners

No makeup course would teach this but for those who love experimenting with colours and the budget does not give room for this fetish; here is an answer to your entire colour fetish.
It is simple. Mix well the eye shadow colour with the contact lens solution and now you have an instant use eyeliner to get the desired look.


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