Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Get Fair the Right Way

All of us need regular and proper skin care solutions that work in accordance to our skin type. Ensuring that the elastin and collagen are maintained is important to combat premature ageing and using skin whitening products that serves the purpose is equally essential. Our body has the ability to heal faster at a younger age, but as we grow older, the challenge increases, simultaneously, which is why it is even more important that we maintain a consistent daily routine to keep the older dermis healthy and firm.

Fairness is inherent to our genes, but with age, the epidermis layer tends to become darker in colour, owing to pollution and external environmental influences. Facial products are available to combat sunspots and help to get back that youthful glow and hence, it is even more essential that we understand what works best to protect and treat concerns that adds to our age rather than reducing it.

In a fairness skincare routine, using an effective cleanser is of the foremost need. This helps to cleanse the face off all impurities and dirt and open pores that allow them to breath in oxygen. The use of natural essential oils is equally beneficial to ensure maximized nourishment. To this effect, use an effective cleanser to exfoliate, but gently. For dry skin use a cream-base cleanser once a day and if oily use an oil-free cleanser at least twice daily. And always use lukewarm water to rinse off.

Skin whitening lotions are equally necessary to combat damage that occurs from prolonged exposure to the sun and external influences. This also means that if the body is subjected to harmful ingredient, it will age faster. A creamy lotion after the cleansing routine helps prepare the skin for the day and if you can consult an expert dermatologist on what product with work best for your skin type.

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