Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Beauty and Nutrition Courses at VLCC

Are you considering making a career out of what you know about beauty and nutrition? To clear all misconceptions right at the beginning, it’s a field that requires specialized training before you can jump into the business.

The VLCC Institute houses a professional team of individuals who are ready to work with you towards making your dreams come true. 

nutrition courses

The VLCC institute of beauty and nutrition was established at the beginning of the millennium and has made its presence felt in multiple cities and towns all across India, with one of them situated in Kathmandu, Nepal.  It offers a professional course in beauty, cosmetology, makeup, spa therapies and nutrition. There is a whole range of long-term and short-term courses offered by the institute as under beauty courses and nutrition courses

Some interesting courses in beauty offered by the VLCC Institute include:

1. Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology
    Duration - 8 Months
    Minimum Qualification - 10th

2.  Diploma in Beauty Culture
     Duration - 4 Months 
     Minimum Qualification - 10th

3.  Diploma in Hair Designing
     Duration – 4 Months
     Minimum Qualifications – 10th

4.  Professional Makeup
     Duration - 2 Months
     Minimum Qualification - 10th

All the above courses may lead you to make a prosperous career in the fashion industry, beauty industry, Hotels, Film and TV or you could even start your own business like a salon. 

The institute also offers a nutrition course and earning a Diploma in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition which is a year’s course with an additional 3 months of internship program included, could land you in a Hospital or a nursing home, corporate house, slimming center, gym, or even a hotel. The minimum qualification required to be eligible to enroll into the nutrition course is Graduation.

For further information, you can visit VLCC’s website to know about more courses and where you fit in the best. There are ample career options available with each course. Choose wisely! 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Eat Healthy, Live Healthier!

Having that occasional spoonful of baby food in order to enable your teensy-weensy swallow an extra spoon is one thing and then resisting yourself with good food is altogether different. To keep hunger at bay, a few handy things can be tried to maintain a figure that you have had wanted. It might seem difficult, but certainly is not, if things are taken care of in a proper way. The day you’ll fit-in flexibly in the little black dress that you would flaunt in college that would be the day that means, you have cut down on excess flab, and your mission to lose belly fat is certainly accomplished.

Remember, road to reducing weight will present before you hundreds and thousands of tempting things and now this won't be easy to resist your taste buds with scrumptious food. So, this is when you need to be careful on what should be eaten and what would adversely affect your health and lose belly fat.

Say for instance: if there's lip smacking food on table, this doesn't mean that you have to hog on it. This way, it’s likely to escalate your calorie value. Making baby food as a major part of your diet plan is likely to endow with multiple health benefits.

Portion cutting plays a major role and surely is your best friend, so be super conscious on this. There might come a point in time wherein you will just not feel like swallowing an extra spoon of baby food, so fret not! This is something that’s absolutely common so, instead of whining over this, try and bring in variations in whichever way you feel is feasible. Being on diet do not certainly mean that you cannot satiate your taste buds with the food that you are craving for, but yes, then do not forget to compensate for it.

Eat healthy, live healthier

Contact lens Solution for Everyday Makeup

Would you believe if somebody tells you that a contact lens solution is a must in their makeup kit? No?
Check out how.
-To fix the dried mascara

Many a time you pamper yourself with expensive mascara and forgot about it. By the time you realise and remember about it, it has already turned dry and clumped. You usually dump it. Don’t know?! Or the much hurt ones add little baby oil or water to get the lost consistency. However it is an effort which goes into vain since the application is already spoiled. But now we have good news for you. Save your mascara! Yes, your expensive mascara. How?

makeup courses

Take the contact lens solution and add some 4-5 drops of the liquid in your mascara. Add 8 to 10 drops of the solution if your mascara is a bit too old and has turned flaky says an expert in makeup courses. The formula then melts to blow life into the dead mascara. Now close the cap of the bottle and let it revive the mascara.

-Intensifying the eye shadow

The dull appearance which the eye shadows project often frustrates the ones who are fond of having the sharp and lively eye makeup. But now there is a solution to all your frustrations. The trick is to dampen the eye shadow brush with the contact lens solution and then use your favourite eye shadow colour. Take a note to not wet the brush too much else the eye shadow might just be running over the eyes. The bearers in the diploma of health also identify it a safe trick to carry out.

-Try your own coloured eye liners

No makeup course would teach this but for those who love experimenting with colours and the budget does not give room for this fetish; here is an answer to your entire colour fetish.
It is simple. Mix well the eye shadow colour with the contact lens solution and now you have an instant use eyeliner to get the desired look.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Beauty Problems? Stress is to blame

Perhaps it’s another addition to the modern, corporate phenomenon, but the grueling results of its pervasion are for all to see.

It wouldn’t take rocket science to understand why, and how the monster has crept into our lives. Work misery, fluctuations in the stock market, demanding academics, peer pressure to outshine the best in the class, and the list goes on. And age barrier is no restriction for this monster; it has caught in its clutches the young and the old alike.

dietician course

Stress has perpetuated problems like hair loss, anxiety, faded face complexions and problems of even higher gravity like heart diseases and low blood pressures. While many may attribute these to the typical diet thing, (well mothers would. You know all that my-son-is-not-up-on-a-healthy-diet kind of a thing!), ask any person enrolled in a dietician course, and you would immediately know that it’s not even close to the truth.

Because there is one thing that stress is capable of pulling off with ease -eating you up from within. Might sound like an exaggerated statement, over-exaggerated maybe, but there is a certain degree of truth into it.

Stress saps you, drains you off of everything even remotely ‘happy’ that there is in to you. A miserable work culture might be at the helm of all of it. Or maybe personal problems. Or something at the social front.

Again, the list can go on.

Ask yourself- when was the last time you took out some quality time for yourself and tried settling issues that had rocked your boats? When was the last time when you kick-started your mornings with a walk into the nearby park, inhaling the freshness and dousing in its beauty?

Give yourself a break, you deserve it. Stay late in to the bed, relish every sip of your tea. Go on a holiday. Enroll yourself in some spa courses, or better, have a spa professional pamper you with all the spa-like stuff.

Till o now it has all been about work and stuff. Can, for a while, be it about you? 

Monday, 6 October 2014

A basic home facial

Skin care is no longer an invisible, unnoticeable part of our routine but has taken shape of a full-fledged activity that claims devotion, time and punctuality. The already occupied life has no scope for beauty complications and we tend to get lazy and unpunctual. This proves detrimental to our skin’s health and we have to resort back to make-up to cover up imperfection. However, naturally healthy and glowing skin is always a preference. 

facial bleach

Now when it comes to walking the extra mile for its sake most of us cringe at the thought. We understand that the tightly-packed skin care regimen has no scope for any more DIY tips and treatments but then you complain that all your spas and monthly facial bleach and other treatments wear out too soon. Well, a price must be paid for anything good but we will ensure that it’s least bothering.

Here’s a simple home facial you can repeat at weekends to maintain your professional facials or for emergencies. You can use natural ingredients or buy a facial kit for even quicker administration.


The most essential and the first step of this is to gently cleanse your skin to remove all traces of dirt and impurities. Use the cleanser provided in your kit or scrub half lemon on your skin. Avoid using a soap based wash though, as it will rob your skin off the essential oils.


You can make a homemade scrub with dried and grinded orange peel, milk and gram flour or use the cosmetic alternative in your pack. Scrub your skin gently in light upward circular motions to remove dead skin and black heads.


Prepare a water boil or use a steamer and take some steam. It will unclog your pores and clear your skin.


Apply the readymade mask in your facial kit. Or, take half bowl mashed avocadoes, aloe gel, sandalwood paste, and fuller’s earth. Add rose water to make a consistent mask and apply all over your face except lips and eye area. Gently wash off after it dries.
Now pat your face dry and avoid soap for at least 12 hours.