Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Make it up this monsoon with these basic things

It’s a no stone starved rule that in monsoons a girl has to compromise with her looks in any way. Just because it’s all watery all over and there are high probabilities of getting wet outside is a no reason to compromise with the way you look. With a few handy tips and tricks, you are guaranteed to shine in the very same way as you always do. All that you need to take care is be a little bit careful and observant, says an expert of a beauty institute.

•‘No’ to white dresses: true enough that white is synonymous to richness and adds-in a dash of sophistication to looks, but it is recommended to bid adieu to your dresses with lighter shades, even if you have you own vehicle to pamper yourself in best way. 

•Humidity everywhere: for the reason that with monsoon, humidity level increases thrice, it is advised instead of putting on excess make up, tone it down and do the needful, say experts of beautician course.  

beautician course

•Concealer: how about adding in a dash of perfection to your looks? Well, it is possible, if you are familiar to the right tips and tricks. Instead of dabbing powder foundation, switch to  a concealer and give a matte touch to refine your semblance. 

•Do tie a hair-band: for the reason that it’s all humid in the air, it is advised not to let loose your hair, which otherwise will bother you every now and then. Hair is likely to become dry and rough in monsoon, so it’s better to tie a band and stay care-free.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Easier Way to Choose the Colour Tone of Your Hair

You might have thought about which Hair Colour will suit you the best according to your skin tone. Sometimes so many colors together make us confused when we actually have to choose one out of them ans worst is the case when you think all the colors are awesome in their own ways. Well, let us make it a bit easier for you so that you can easily differentiate them and choose one according to your Facials.

hair colour

1.    Dark Red: We all know how bright it looks when we use this colour as the tone of our hair but wait, it will look great when you will choose a darker tone of red and yes, the people with a bit darker complexion can make this colour as their first preference.

2.    Dark Brown highlights with Blonde Hair: This is one of the most creative mixture of colour tones and you can even see many celebrities who choose this combination of blonde hair with dark brown highlights that is an awesome colour tone for functions and parties.

3.    Mocha Brown: This is the colour tone of hair that suits the people of almost every complexion either it be peach, wheatish, dark, light or pale. Basically, it gives an overall glow to your hair and that looks very natural. This is one of the most effective but simple tones that you can use.

4.    Copper Blonde: Well, if you are open to change and experiment with new colors, this is something really new and exciting for you. This will make you stand out of the crowd. And yes, this will look best on the people with the complexion of light, pale, peach and cream.

Hair Colour is something that everyone of us likes but yes, you are required to be open to change and you must to be an experimental person.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How to Prepare Yourself to Lose Weight?

Are you one of those people who are tired of gaining weight and tired of finding ways and solutions to lose that? Well, you might be one as in today's food lifestyle, people gain weight and then find ways to lose that. So the ones who already have gained weight and the ones who are at the stage of gaining, let me make you aware about how disastrous can be, your being over weight. Starting from the kind of lifestyle you guys tend to have, I would say that today's youngsters have an unhealthy lifestyle through which they don't even care about what all can happen to them. The collection of fat in your body, if became serious can lead to so many life problems that will take so much time to be cured.

So, lets adopt the policy of “Prevention is better than cure.” Before your weight starts leaving it's bad effects on you, why not take some necessary steps for your own sake. Start having a weight lose diet instead of those unhealthy foods that you used to take earlier. If you are just a bit overweight then you can be a little lenient towards you diet but if you are an over weight and your body demands to take quick steps then believe me, you actually have to be very strict putting forward you necessities rather than your mood and taste.

And yes, this weight reduction process needs time to show good final results that makes up to another challenge in front of you of being very calm and patient. Many people just want to see sudden changes like in a week or two. They should know that burning fat from the body needs time and only when proper steps and precautions are taken against this.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Different aspects of being a Beauty Expert

Choosing a beautician course is indeed a great and interesting job as it does no require and theoretical knowledge to apply, instead all you have is the practical knowledge that you have to apply and experiment. The best thing about being a beautician is that you can have so many different aspects in which in you can work. Basically, there are so many different ways of working as a professional in this

beauty training course

1.Become a trainer: The very first way through which you can pursue this education is by becoming a trainer in a beauty training course and training the students that have further chosen this field as their further studies and profession. It is all dependent on how much interested are you in teaching area as teaching is something that you can succeed in, if you don't have any interest in it.

2.Owe a salon: Another best thing that you can do is to owe a place and open up your own salon. Yes, this is one of the best way if you seek something for your future keeping in mind your long term plans. Along with the beautician processes, you can even start and make available the facilities of Spa courses.

3.Become a makeup artist: The last way that you have is to become a makeup artist in some of the beauty salon or institution. Basically, you can work as a job employee in that particular salon like any other formal job. Related to this, you can even join up some drama institution where they need a makeup artist or someone like that.

Well, no matter which field you choose, you should have the proper knowledge about the course and yes, a diploma in any of the beauty course will be the best document that will help you in pursuing your interest nutrition courses further in some institution.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Lip care is essential as skin care

Lips are one of the gentlest, vulnerable and softest parts of the body. They are exposed at all times, day or night, and hence, need extra care, attention and protection. It was a few months ago that I began to experience chapped lips. They would become dry and at times, peel off due to this.

My skin is super sensitive due to which I am a bit wary of using just any product sold in the market. I also veer from the advertisement gimmicks that make promises and tall claims to improve the skin smoothness in a just a couple of weeks. Fact remains that the skin needs consistent care to show any improvements and a few weeks of using creams and lotion cannot work any miracle. Any part of the skin - exposed and protected sections - need nurturing and a body lotion can help ease chapped and wounded areas. However, the lips, being the tender part, require more care and consistent attention.

My lips did start to feel extremely dry. They would peel most times and the corners of the lips would turn sore to the point that it would start to hurt. This is when a friend recommended using a lip balm and lotion devoid of petroleum and one that offers natural remedies. Nothing worked before so I had nothing to lose.

lip balm

I dashed off to the nearest market and bought the VLCC daily-protect cherry lip balm with SPF 15. This became instantly addictive and went from using it, occasionally to regularly, without fail. I became dependent, which is ok if you want to keep your lips sun-damage free, supple and chap-free year round.

Giving this balm a shot turned out amazing and I can feel my normal lips back and with a free sample of a body lotion sachet, it was worth it. The dependency is the only nagging factor but I am ready to live with that. This was clearly one of the inexpensive methods to healthy lips rather than visiting a dermatologist. This multi-purpose balm can be used as a natural night treatment for chapped skin besides your lips.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Ways to feed the skin naturally

Wouldn’t it be great if all the ladies had complexions that looked as flawless, without a speck, as those porcelain dolls all decked up to perfection in the best of attire with the best complexion and glow that is the envy of all and pride of none? Options are available to enhance beauty, but natural always takes the trophy with me.

After completion of hair styling, wellness, nutrition essentials and beauty school from a few reputable institutes, I have been with innumerable clients throughout my life as a beauty professional and there are times I have had the urge to advice clients that beauty is skin deep. While working on the external aspects can give out a look that is appealing, it is but temporary.

beauty school

If one is to really benefit in the long run, combining beauty essentials like the usual threading, waxing, facial, scrubs, hair spa and so forth with wellness therapies and massages, as one would learn  course in nutrition, and adding a structured diet chart to the daily skincare and hair care regime can do wonders to treat ailments hidden within. The resultant effect is always seen to be positive with a body that is healthy and a skin and hair that shines with life.

Other home-based natural beauty enhancement tips I usually offer to clients are as such.

A glowing skin says a million words, unspoken – coconut milk derived from raw grated coconut applied on the face, lips and neck lends a natural glow.

Cleaning the skin helps unblock pores – use raw milk (not boiled) soaked cotton to wipe your face and neck area. This removes dirt, dust and grime that enters the pores and clog them causing pimples and acne.

Moisturising the skin keeps it supple and soft – Use a teaspoon of orange juice, curd and a little lime juice and apply it on the face. Leave it for a few minutes until dry and rinse off. This locks in moisture and leaves the skin hydrated all day long. To nourish the skin further, mix almond and urad daal paste and apply it as a face mask. Leave it on until it dries up and rinse off.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Right Proportion for Anti Ageing

Every other woman today wants to look gorgeous. Even the octogenarians want to hide their increasing age. And I think that is perfectly fine, as in the world like today’s it is very important to look presentable. Every sector demands a good personality and since we have more experienced people in a company, they too need to look perfectly right. And keeping in mind the needs of the aged men and women, various beauty companies have come up with Anti ageing creams and ointments and various other products.  

These products have chemicals which help in the following ways: 

1.Skin Sunblock and screening from dust. 
2.Hydrate the skin 
3.Reduces skin lines and wrinkles 

The most important thing while choosing an anti ageing product is its composition. It has various chemicals like peptides, vitamin C, A etc. and every person’s skin has a different texture and requirements. Thus, it is very important to have a full fledged detailed inquiry of the product before using.

Now there is a wide spread complaint from the female users in the age group of 20s to 30s that there are no or less products for their skin protection. They complaint about early age wrinkles and without knowing start using these products. But, they should keep in mind that their skin Patten is very different from that of the aged ladies and women and thus, for their skin there are special sun block products which not only protects their skin from burning but also lessens the wrinkles and other skin problems. 

Thus, using the right product at the right age and in the right proportion is the basic mantra of life. We should surely follow this norm before using these products. No doubt, these products are very reliable and make us feel pretty. 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Numerous skin benefits of Lemon

Lemon is one of the most widely used plants in India. A common kitchen ingredient, Ayurvedic medicine and natural ingredient in cosmetics, it finds multitude of uses. Be it in your tangy curry or skincare regimen, this spoonful of juice uber loaded with Vitamin C can add a tang to your efforts – be it cooking or beauty treatments. It is beneficial in treating several skin problems. Enlisted are a few uses you can easily prepare at home or avail at a nearby salon.


Skin Whitening
It is an excellent natural de-tanner and lightens your skin tone visibly. However, it being a natural ingredient one must not expect overnight magical results. The best way to go about with skin whitening is to apply freshly squeezed lemon juice on your face arms and neck and leave it on till it dries post which you can wash off with lukewarm water. It removes sun tan and efficiently lightens your skin tone. It can similarly be used lighten black skin on elbows and knees.

Facial Bleach
Lemons are being used as a natural bleaching agent from time immemorial. Regular application can help bleach your skin removing any pigmentation. It can be used as a topical treatment for freckles.

Lemon facials are bliss for people with oily skin. Cosmetic facial kits are available with goodness of this sour and tangy fruit. Unlike normal cream based facials, gel base of these cosmetics don’t instigate the oil glands to go on frenzy and the lemon juice balances oil secretion, and heals existing acnes while lightening scar marks. It also has a de-tanning effect and is very beneficial for skin.