Monday, 24 November 2014

Home Remedies for Whiter Skin Tone

There is no woman who would desire a fairer or a whiter tone. At least all Indian women do! This is how Indians are conditioned, in awe of white skin and admiring all that is fair. True that brown and black have their own charm. However skin whitening is something we are still obsessed with. In this desperation we keep on looking for ways for skin whitening which many a time cost us most on our skin care regime.

skin whitening

But a whiter tone is not enough; you also need to ensure that the skin is free from patches and pigmentation to flaunt it right. In the process several of us end up spending a huge sum on cosmetic products which basically serve no purpose. To help you better, here is a list of homemade masks which are safe and effective to use.

-Milk powder and Lemon juice Face Pack:

Mix milk powder with lemon juice and some honey to make a face mask for flaunting a white tone. This of course can be easily prepared and should be applied for some 10 minutes. While serving as an  effect of anti ageing cream mask, a routine application of the mask helps in a skin glow as well.

-Oatmeal and Sour Curd Face Mask:

Soak oatmeal overnight and grind it with sour curd in the morning to prepare a paste of it. Using this as regular face mask will help you regain a fairer tone.

-Potato Pulp:

Just like lemon, potato also has mild bleaching properties. A regular application of potato pulp or juice helps in skin whitening products while providing the skin with an unmatchable glow.

-Turmeric and Tomato Face Pack:

Turmeric along with having various anti-septic properties when mixed with tomato or lemon juice helps in getting a desired fairness.

-Sweet Almond Oil:

Massaging regularly with almond oil, improves the blood circulation. The improved blood circulation then directly affects and enhances the glow and fairness of the skin.

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