Friday, 3 January 2014

Quench the Fluid Needs of Your Skin and Lips

Having a glowing skin is all an individual desires of but with change in seasons and environment the skin texture and its nourishment level changes making it very dull and rough. Like the other organs of the body, skin is also living and it requires special attention and nutrition during the cell renewal process as with time and ageing the skin becomes very dry and it seeks for some remedies from nature.

All that a skin seeks at this point of time is a perfect body lotion that can satisfy the requirement and quench the skin’s thirst. These body lotions are made up different category of substances which is entirely natural and helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin to prevent it from premature skin ageing.

Body Lotion Products by VLCC

Some of the key ingredients used in the body lotions that can bring up a quick transformation of the skin are Shea butter, sunflower oil and cocoa butter and each of them gives a different finish to the skin. Shea butter is the most famous type of body lotion that forms a water resistant film on the skin and moisturizes it with high amount of vitamin A and E that protects the skin from sun’s damage and repairs the skin damage. This lotion is even used for softening the cracks and for healing it to relief the individuals from the itchy and aged skin.

The other very popular type of lotion used is Cocoa butter which is a very soothing lotion that minimizes the dryness of the skin and improves the skin elasticity along with preventing and minimizing the stretch marks, chapped skin and skin irritation. It is even used for removing the wrinkle lines of the body as the lotion gets absorbed in the skin providing the body with vitamin D.

Lip Balm by VLCC

Similar to the skin and other parts of the body, the lips also becomes dry and seeks for nourishment and the only solution to this cracked skin is lip balm.

Lips are constantly exposed to the wetting and drying cycles and to add it more the harmful sun rays makes the lip layer more dry, chapped and cracked. But once you are utilizing a lip balm then you can have a quick healing of the lips and have a smooth and shinny skin as this balm is made up of waxes and oils that sooth and softens the skin of the lip and replaces the lost oil and moisturizer from the lip. Some of the most popular type of balms are the coconut cream and orange oil which gives a quick relief to the irritation of the lip due to cracks and roughness.

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