Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fitness tips for Ectomorphs

In a world obsessed with weight loss and a leaner frame, people on the other side of the aisle feel left out. When all the talk is about shedding off a few pounds, it is rather an irony that ectomorphs struggle to add mass. Naturally blessed with a thin frame, an ectomorph figure usually has fragile body, long limbs and a thin frame. Despite endless hours at gym and gulping several shots of tonics and home remedies, there is little that changes. And worse, they are little disposed to keep the gained weight on them.

While advice and plans for their counterparts are available in abundance—not to mention rather overwhelmingly—ectomorphs often feel lost. So here we have a few tips from dietician course experts on the ideal diet map for lean people. It is expected to be in complete contrast to what is prescribed for the obese, but surprisingly that’s not the case. In fact, the two body types are on the same plane regarding the diet workout balance. Only through the right intake and output energy should you expect to see any changes—and that simply translates into a well-rounded physical training plus diet plan, says a beauty class and fitness enthusiast.
•    Out of the numerous exercise plans that you might have looked up on the net, choose the one that involves progressive training. Since endomorphs have a higher metabolism rate, they can easily burn out whatever they eat. And it is also the body type that can over train very easily. So following a progressive training is the key to success.

•    Warm up, an essential part of almost any work-out session is even special for ectomorphs. Do the right warm-up before each of your work-outs to boost performance and glide in easily into the tougher ones.

•    Avoid Cardio altogether. It eats up on whatever little metabolism your frenzied metabolism spares.

•    Eat high carb instead of high fat diets, as being leaner doesn’t make you any less susceptible to heart attacks or breakouts. Besides the slow energy release of carbs will burn up slow and will keep your energy levels up.     


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