Sunday, 27 October 2013

Top 3 Foods for Weight Loss

It isn’t easy to melt away fat that has accumulated over the years and hence, the best way to achieve a flat tummy is to go the healthy way. A low-calorie diet plan and exercise can do wonders to help in your weight loss endeavor.

Adhering to a diet to lose weight combined with exercises is not just enough. What you need is to speed the process along, while trying to incorporate foods that work as miracle weight loss boosters. Such foods integrated into your diet plan can effectively reduce water retention and food cravings. They boost your metabolism and keep you feeling energized and fuller for a longer duration.

Almonds work as a wonder food since they are loaded with skin-glow boosters. Packed with Vitamin E and proteins, they act as an ideal addition to your diet to lose weight plan. Their high fibre content keeps you feeling fuller thus eradicating those hunger pangs. Though they are relatively high in calories, they do not contribute to belly fat. The ideal option will be to swap almonds with your daily mid-morning snacks to experience the difference.

Greens and Leafy vegetables have always hit the list in a weight loss diet plan, but is it the quickest to help you achieve a washboard stomach? Yes indeed. Add an adequate portion of green leafy vegetables to every meal from spinach to lettuce, radish leaves and mustard greens; all are extremely low in calories, packed with fibre and deliver vital vitamins and minerals that eliminate water retention less the bloating and discomfort.

Oats are a favourite amongst dieters. They are not only filling but packed with fibre and are low in calories, thus help to promote weight loss effectively and the healthy way. Include oats for breakfast to promote slow-release of natural energy throughout the day. This keeps you feeling fuller for longer hours and also helps regulate your cholesterol levels.

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