Monday, 10 March 2014

Hair Products: The old way may just be the best way

Hair Products
You meet a friend from school days, every now and then, when crossing a common intersection. You stop by every time you meet to say hello, then you think it’s a great idea to exchange contact numbers and make a promise to catch up soon but you don’t due to reasons of being over-occupied and too caught up at work and home. Let’s face it! We can’t be bothered of holding on to bad feelings, just because of lack of time to keep up with everything we would like to. Similarly, hair products, be it synthetic or natural can be compared with that old school-day friend, only with the difference that we give you ample reasons to catch up with these.

You tend to forget results of a previous shampoo you once used

You have been into too many products that you cannot recall which ones that gave best results were? Maybe that one product that you used was favourable but you cannot recollect. This calls for an excellent opportunity to get reacquainted with the shampoo products and moreover, document your experience.

Your products are not in stores

This can happen when you forget to pen down the results of all previous products that you may have used which gave great results. Documenting helps to dig up and revisit the old shelf stacked with old products and grab that one that is available at your disposal and ready for instant use.

Adventure is the game

You haven’t pushed that envelope far enough and hence, want to get adventurous and do so. This feeling can be compared to how one would feel when trying a new product. It depends on how long it’s been with you since you last used it.

The change in seasons

The market offers certain hair products that are climate friendly and hence, you can manage your hair care regimen with products that match with the respective season. Give rotation a go and every year; get a chance to re-familiarize your coils with that old friend, but a good one.

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