Wednesday, 12 March 2014

One of the apt ways to disguise shabby eyebrows

lip balm
Lip Balm
We are beauty conscious beings who would want to grab attention any given day. You wake up in the morning only to realise that you had neglected your brows for quite a while. They not only look shabby but work against your theme attire for the late night party. You rush to the nearby salon only to learn that they’d close down for renovation. The nightmare almost seems to take over your excitement to flaunt your best and be that show stopper at the party! So, what do you do? Conceal them- Yes, this is it and to help you out, here is how you can do so with much ease.

Raggedy and shabby eyebrows have always been my main area of beauty concern and it is almost every third week that I need to rush to the salon to trim the, but when faced with the situation as mentioned above, there is always a way out. Cosmetics may cover up those blemishes and that lip balm may pucker your lips to be kiss-ready, but the brows are just those visible daunting things that can never be concealed if you’d forget to trim them on time for that party.

Before you work on your shabby brows, use a body lotion to soften the area around it. If your brows are too thin, don’t forget to fill them in before you head out.

Directions: Well, your brows look that they’d have a body of their own, but be assured that the situation isn’t that bad as it looks. Brush your brows using an appropriate brush in the direction of the growth and powder it to fill out any bare areas. You can use an eyebrow enhancer product made of gel and kohl. Prime them using an eye primer to make them smooth, uniform and workable. These primers work to highlight your brow bone line and hence are advisable to use.

Now it is time to cover up the concern areas. Apply a thick concealer and a cream concealer, which is a shade lighter than your skin-tone and cover the problem areas using a flat tip brush. Blend until it looks natural. Blend in the eye shadow of your choice. Now draw attention away from your brow bone by highlighting your lash line. Winged liner with thick mascara adds to that dramatic look!

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