Monday, 6 October 2014

A basic home facial

Skin care is no longer an invisible, unnoticeable part of our routine but has taken shape of a full-fledged activity that claims devotion, time and punctuality. The already occupied life has no scope for beauty complications and we tend to get lazy and unpunctual. This proves detrimental to our skin’s health and we have to resort back to make-up to cover up imperfection. However, naturally healthy and glowing skin is always a preference. 

facial bleach

Now when it comes to walking the extra mile for its sake most of us cringe at the thought. We understand that the tightly-packed skin care regimen has no scope for any more DIY tips and treatments but then you complain that all your spas and monthly facial bleach and other treatments wear out too soon. Well, a price must be paid for anything good but we will ensure that it’s least bothering.

Here’s a simple home facial you can repeat at weekends to maintain your professional facials or for emergencies. You can use natural ingredients or buy a facial kit for even quicker administration.


The most essential and the first step of this is to gently cleanse your skin to remove all traces of dirt and impurities. Use the cleanser provided in your kit or scrub half lemon on your skin. Avoid using a soap based wash though, as it will rob your skin off the essential oils.


You can make a homemade scrub with dried and grinded orange peel, milk and gram flour or use the cosmetic alternative in your pack. Scrub your skin gently in light upward circular motions to remove dead skin and black heads.


Prepare a water boil or use a steamer and take some steam. It will unclog your pores and clear your skin.


Apply the readymade mask in your facial kit. Or, take half bowl mashed avocadoes, aloe gel, sandalwood paste, and fuller’s earth. Add rose water to make a consistent mask and apply all over your face except lips and eye area. Gently wash off after it dries.
Now pat your face dry and avoid soap for at least 12 hours.  

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