Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Beauty Problems? Stress is to blame

Perhaps it’s another addition to the modern, corporate phenomenon, but the grueling results of its pervasion are for all to see.

It wouldn’t take rocket science to understand why, and how the monster has crept into our lives. Work misery, fluctuations in the stock market, demanding academics, peer pressure to outshine the best in the class, and the list goes on. And age barrier is no restriction for this monster; it has caught in its clutches the young and the old alike.

dietician course

Stress has perpetuated problems like hair loss, anxiety, faded face complexions and problems of even higher gravity like heart diseases and low blood pressures. While many may attribute these to the typical diet thing, (well mothers would. You know all that my-son-is-not-up-on-a-healthy-diet kind of a thing!), ask any person enrolled in a dietician course, and you would immediately know that it’s not even close to the truth.

Because there is one thing that stress is capable of pulling off with ease -eating you up from within. Might sound like an exaggerated statement, over-exaggerated maybe, but there is a certain degree of truth into it.

Stress saps you, drains you off of everything even remotely ‘happy’ that there is in to you. A miserable work culture might be at the helm of all of it. Or maybe personal problems. Or something at the social front.

Again, the list can go on.

Ask yourself- when was the last time you took out some quality time for yourself and tried settling issues that had rocked your boats? When was the last time when you kick-started your mornings with a walk into the nearby park, inhaling the freshness and dousing in its beauty?

Give yourself a break, you deserve it. Stay late in to the bed, relish every sip of your tea. Go on a holiday. Enroll yourself in some spa courses, or better, have a spa professional pamper you with all the spa-like stuff.

Till o now it has all been about work and stuff. Can, for a while, be it about you? 

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