Monday, 28 April 2014

Style your hairs with care

Are you addicted to different hair products and love to style your hair differently? Then make sure that you take due care of them and don’t spoil them permanently. It is good to dress like a fashion diva but that requires sufficient care of your natural beauty as well. You cannot keep subjecting your mane to chemicals, heat and artificial products without doing any damage. So, while you do play around with them, remember to nurture them as well. Here are a few tips as to how can continue to make different hair do’s without harming them.

Shampoo properly
Residue of various hair products are the most harmful thing for them, giving rise to dandruff and fall. So, in order to ensure it, use a mild but effective shampoo and clean your tresses carefully. Also, take care that you don’t leave any shampoo back as well, remember to rinse thoroughly.

Go easy with the heat
Avoid blow drying your mane as you are already going to subject it to enough heat through styling rods. When they dry naturally, they tend to retain the natural moisture and remain soft and healthy. If absolutely necessary, then use the drier on warm and hold it 5-6 inch away from your tresses.

Use good brush
Take a set of good hair brushes instead of thin plastic combs, they caress your locks gently without pulling away several from roots. Also, never do back combing through an ordinary comb as it entangles your locks badly.

Take spas
Go for rejuvenating hair spas at least once in a month, to return them the life they have lost. it does your tresses much good by fortifying roots and stimulating repair mechanism.

Last but not the least, oil your hair frequently, at least every time before you shampoo. The scalp massage boosts growth and it also relieves stress which is a major cause of hair fall today.          

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