Sunday, 4 May 2014

The goodness of Almonds for hair skin and health

A notable member of the nuts family, Almonds have numerous health and beauty benefits. It has been in therapeutic use since ages and is considered to be an excellent memory boosting tonic. It is in use for its benefits since the time of Ayurveda. However, enhanced memory isn’t the only benefit of this magical natural ingredient, says a professional with diploma in health.

It is now an essential part of contemporary treatments at beauty academy and salons. The pros after rigorous researches are using it as a prime ingredient in many cosmetics. The most popular cosmetic use is that its oil is used in anti-ageing products due to its revitalizing properties. It also has intense moisturizing properties. Apply a few drops of almond oil at night for extra dry skin.

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Moreover, its beauty benefits are not just limited to skin. Hair care is yet another quality. It’s essential and a few complex vitamins are extremely nourishing for scalp and roots. Massage your hairs every night with almond oil if you want long and shiny hairs. 

Furthermore, consuming almonds, soaked overnight or as it is has its own benefits. Most of us must have had grated almonds every morning as a child. The same old formula still works. Not only will it give you sharp memory but healthy and glowing skin and shiny hairs. Also, use baked unsalted almonds and walnuts as a replacement of chips and packed snacks for your mid meal cravings, suggests a dietician with diploma in health and wellness. It is good for your body and has very little healthy fats that do more good than harm. 

However, don’t expect it to work wonders overnight. Anything natural takes its course to gently imbibe the goodness in your body. Use it religiously for best and long lasting results.

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