Thursday, 26 June 2014

Beauty: Personal Power, Inner Strength or Physical Appearance

Some philosophers say, “Beauty is the degree or extent of having the capability of attracting someone by your looks and features.” Well, many people may agree, but some people won't because they see 'beauty' with a completely different perspective. Apart from physical appearance, beauty is about how you use beauty as your personal power. Beauty in yourself will give you passion and pleasure to see your life in a completely different but positive manner. This personal power of beauty is another way to be bold, an unopened treasure to hold and a beautiful journey to unfold. It is a powerful and magical tool that connects you with this essence of nature that can give you a magnificent pleasure and experience.

Apart from the perspective of personal beauty, some people define beauty as the way they are from inside. Yes, beauty is not how you look or how people judge you by your physical appearance but it is the way and the manner in which you behave and react to other people. Yes, some people will judge you by your inner beauty i.e. how kind and soft-hearted are you towards other people. Anyway, coming to the practical life, beauty is all about the physical appearance that leaves an impact of your personality on other people. Also, it includes your some of the features that should always look good in order to maintain a good appearance, e.g. facial beauty. Beauty salons are set up especially for this purpose in order to provide facilities of best techniques to maintain your beauty.

The techniques are not limited to these beauty salons, but has spread to the market as nowadays, many anti ageing techniques have been launched in the form of lotions and creams that are applied on your face in order to have a consistency in facial beauty. Earlier these were launched only for women but now, separate creams have also been launched for men as all of us, irrespective of our age and gender, are conscious about our skin.

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