Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Goodness of jojoba oil for skin and hair

While observing the TV commercials of cosmetic products that claim to have moisturizing properties, you might have heard of a common ingredient, jojoba oil. Most moisturizers and skin care products are so keen on promoting their products on the basis of this one special ingredient; it isn’t for nothing. It has immense benefits for skin and hair.

Thus, in order to avail these benefits, you can use its essential oil extracts either alone or with other natural ingredients, says an expert training students at beauty classes.

It has moisturizing and antiseptic properties. Moreover, jojoba oils composition is surprisingly similar to the natural skin oil in humans, sebum. Thus it is a boon for dry and itchy scalp, advises a teacher at a course beauty. Its neutral pH and natural goodness has many other benefits. When combined with castor oil and lemon juice it helps prevent even the worst form of dandruff and stops it recurrence. You can even use it as a cleanser. Mix a few drops in your shampoo to clear any deposits of sebum and products from your scalp. It can also hydrate the scalp thereby preventing split ends and hair fall. This is why, most hair care products developed after research at beauty classes and research centres contain jojoba extracts.

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It can repair chapped, dead and scaly skin like magic. Apply it on your nail cuticles, heels and rough palms for instant relief and smooth skin. Extra dry skin can use a few drops mixed in their usual moisturiser or alone. It also helps to maintain the natural suppleness and firmness of skin. Moreover, with increasing age, the skin loses its capacity to produce sebum and becomes dry and dehydrated. So the moisturizing and firming properties of this makes it an essential ingredient in anti-ageing products as well. 

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