Thursday, 7 August 2014

Losing Weight is Simpler than You Thought

Obesity is spread wide and far and as hard as it may seem to admit, most of us are too lazy to take the problem seriously. There are no shortcuts, and no, it can’t be just wished away. You have to sweat out your fair share to get back in shape and own an attractive body.

In fact weight reduction and a healthy diet go hand in hand. and we are not talking about a short term diet that can help you vanish pounds in days. These are diligently inculcated healthy habits that stay with you for life.

So if you are stuck up, scared, thinking where to start, the following healthy habits can give you a great start. And as you progress it will keep you motivated, says a weight reduction trainer.

  • Snacks are no longer on the hit list of your dietician, but replacing your burger with a whole wheat toast or chips with roasted walnuts isn't as bad as you think. It will help you lose weight and keep your skin and hair healthy.
  • Give up watching TV while eating. Don’t include any other activity while eating. It occupies your mind and doesn't let you realize when you are full. You tend to eat 40% more while watching TV.
  • Treat yourself with a large and balanced breakfast for weight reduction. Portions of carbs, proteins and a little fat will keep you going for longer, and help you resist bad choices during lunch.
  • Keep a check on booze. Even a pint of your cocktail can have a whopping 400 calories in the least, which will ruin your entire day’s hard work. So, quit alcohol, its anyway bad, or keep it to the minimum only once in a while. You can get away with vodka or beer one pint once a week.
  • Spend at least thirty minutes on workout every day. It will sculpt your body and tuck in those bulges. Come on! don’t you want to look beautiful.
So, hopefully this sounds easier than it did before you started up with this blog. Go ahead. At least make a start and you will like the light and fresh feel within even before your efforts begin to show on a weighing scale.

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