Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Go easy while removing kajal

Though each make up stuff in our vanity makes a big time difference in our semblance, still there’s something that’s a way ahead that really brings-in a big time change on the way you look…can you make a guess??? Lipstick…yes, blusher…Okay yes, concealer…yes for a few! But something more important…yes…this time many of you guessed it right…kajal. Though a very simple cosmetic item, bit has a tendency to make face appear absolutely different that you have had thought for…in a positive way obviously, says professional. Those who are habitual of applying kajal and somehow miss it one day are bound to face a common question i.e. hey…what’s wrong? Is everything okay…this is because it begins looking as if something is missing and no matter how smartly a girl is dressed, it leaves behind the ‘in-completeness’ in the overall getup.  At the very same time…if kajal is applied and you sleep, the very next morning, people begin asking…hey what’s wrong. Someone punched you or what? Many begin giving recommendations on healthy eating habits. See you look stressed and dark circles are ruining your looks. Do something…eat healthy food! You are likely to stuck both ways. So, what next? Either resort to an ayurvedic treatment or follow the ascribed solution:

ayurvedic treatment

Solution: according to an expert, instead of washing your face consistently with a face wash or struggling with a moisturizer to remove kajal, try a simple technique and you’ll see how easily how you’ll be able to do it. It’s been an observation that majority entertains the mindset that washing face frequently affects skin and causes acne, if you also are a part of common herd mentality, you need to put a full stop as washing face has nothing to do with acne or acne treatments as such.

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