Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Benefits of a Healthy Diet

You need a healthy and balanced diet to provide your body with the required nutrients. This nutrient keeps your body and brain active, gives you energy, strengthens the bones and regulates all the body processes. Good nutrition lowers the risk of falling to chronic disease like diabetes, heart problems and certain kinds of cancer. Healthy eating habits help you fight unnecessary food cravings and help you maintain the right weight. Resorting to schedules like skipping meals to lose weight is another unhealthy way of dealing with obesity. Moreover avoiding extreme hunger increases the likelihood of indulging in increased overeating sprees.

Having realized the importance of a healthy diet you need tools like BMI calculator available online and with experts come in handy to estimate your body fat. It is in fact a measure of your weight in relation to your health. Body Mass Index (BMI) is compelling to decide a healthy diet chart for you, by understanding the nutritional requirements, since nutrient requirements vary in different individuals with different lifestyles.

To list there are numerous advantages of a healthy diet plan. To name a few:

Flatter Belly

A healthy diet limits sodium and high-sugar carbonated drinks helps in reducing belly fat while fiber-rich diet reduces constipation.

Controls the Stress Levels

A wholesome diet plan including Vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids amongst others helps in reducing the cortisol levels and protects the immune system.

Saves Money

By fewer stroll to the grocery shop, fewer medical bills and cutting down on packed food increases your chances of saving money.

Healthy Body

Reduced risk to body ailments like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and obesity ensures a healthier body. A study from the data collected from BMI calculator showed that a healthy diet in combination with regular exercise increased the life expectancy in an age group of 70’s.

Glowing Skin

Food with high water content like certain fruits and vegetables keep your skin moisturized and hydrated hence natural radiance.

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