Monday, 21 July 2014

Lip care is essential as skin care

Lips are one of the gentlest, vulnerable and softest parts of the body. They are exposed at all times, day or night, and hence, need extra care, attention and protection. It was a few months ago that I began to experience chapped lips. They would become dry and at times, peel off due to this.

My skin is super sensitive due to which I am a bit wary of using just any product sold in the market. I also veer from the advertisement gimmicks that make promises and tall claims to improve the skin smoothness in a just a couple of weeks. Fact remains that the skin needs consistent care to show any improvements and a few weeks of using creams and lotion cannot work any miracle. Any part of the skin - exposed and protected sections - need nurturing and a body lotion can help ease chapped and wounded areas. However, the lips, being the tender part, require more care and consistent attention.

My lips did start to feel extremely dry. They would peel most times and the corners of the lips would turn sore to the point that it would start to hurt. This is when a friend recommended using a lip balm and lotion devoid of petroleum and one that offers natural remedies. Nothing worked before so I had nothing to lose.

lip balm

I dashed off to the nearest market and bought the VLCC daily-protect cherry lip balm with SPF 15. This became instantly addictive and went from using it, occasionally to regularly, without fail. I became dependent, which is ok if you want to keep your lips sun-damage free, supple and chap-free year round.

Giving this balm a shot turned out amazing and I can feel my normal lips back and with a free sample of a body lotion sachet, it was worth it. The dependency is the only nagging factor but I am ready to live with that. This was clearly one of the inexpensive methods to healthy lips rather than visiting a dermatologist. This multi-purpose balm can be used as a natural night treatment for chapped skin besides your lips.

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