Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Right Proportion for Anti Ageing

Every other woman today wants to look gorgeous. Even the octogenarians want to hide their increasing age. And I think that is perfectly fine, as in the world like today’s it is very important to look presentable. Every sector demands a good personality and since we have more experienced people in a company, they too need to look perfectly right. And keeping in mind the needs of the aged men and women, various beauty companies have come up with Anti ageing creams and ointments and various other products.  

These products have chemicals which help in the following ways: 

1.Skin Sunblock and screening from dust. 
2.Hydrate the skin 
3.Reduces skin lines and wrinkles 

The most important thing while choosing an anti ageing product is its composition. It has various chemicals like peptides, vitamin C, A etc. and every person’s skin has a different texture and requirements. Thus, it is very important to have a full fledged detailed inquiry of the product before using.

Now there is a wide spread complaint from the female users in the age group of 20s to 30s that there are no or less products for their skin protection. They complaint about early age wrinkles and without knowing start using these products. But, they should keep in mind that their skin Patten is very different from that of the aged ladies and women and thus, for their skin there are special sun block products which not only protects their skin from burning but also lessens the wrinkles and other skin problems. 

Thus, using the right product at the right age and in the right proportion is the basic mantra of life. We should surely follow this norm before using these products. No doubt, these products are very reliable and make us feel pretty. 

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