Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Make it up this monsoon with these basic things

It’s a no stone starved rule that in monsoons a girl has to compromise with her looks in any way. Just because it’s all watery all over and there are high probabilities of getting wet outside is a no reason to compromise with the way you look. With a few handy tips and tricks, you are guaranteed to shine in the very same way as you always do. All that you need to take care is be a little bit careful and observant, says an expert of a beauty institute.

•‘No’ to white dresses: true enough that white is synonymous to richness and adds-in a dash of sophistication to looks, but it is recommended to bid adieu to your dresses with lighter shades, even if you have you own vehicle to pamper yourself in best way. 

•Humidity everywhere: for the reason that with monsoon, humidity level increases thrice, it is advised instead of putting on excess make up, tone it down and do the needful, say experts of beautician course.  

beautician course

•Concealer: how about adding in a dash of perfection to your looks? Well, it is possible, if you are familiar to the right tips and tricks. Instead of dabbing powder foundation, switch to  a concealer and give a matte touch to refine your semblance. 

•Do tie a hair-band: for the reason that it’s all humid in the air, it is advised not to let loose your hair, which otherwise will bother you every now and then. Hair is likely to become dry and rough in monsoon, so it’s better to tie a band and stay care-free.

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