Monday, 28 July 2014

Easier Way to Choose the Colour Tone of Your Hair

You might have thought about which Hair Colour will suit you the best according to your skin tone. Sometimes so many colors together make us confused when we actually have to choose one out of them ans worst is the case when you think all the colors are awesome in their own ways. Well, let us make it a bit easier for you so that you can easily differentiate them and choose one according to your Facials.

hair colour

1.    Dark Red: We all know how bright it looks when we use this colour as the tone of our hair but wait, it will look great when you will choose a darker tone of red and yes, the people with a bit darker complexion can make this colour as their first preference.

2.    Dark Brown highlights with Blonde Hair: This is one of the most creative mixture of colour tones and you can even see many celebrities who choose this combination of blonde hair with dark brown highlights that is an awesome colour tone for functions and parties.

3.    Mocha Brown: This is the colour tone of hair that suits the people of almost every complexion either it be peach, wheatish, dark, light or pale. Basically, it gives an overall glow to your hair and that looks very natural. This is one of the most effective but simple tones that you can use.

4.    Copper Blonde: Well, if you are open to change and experiment with new colors, this is something really new and exciting for you. This will make you stand out of the crowd. And yes, this will look best on the people with the complexion of light, pale, peach and cream.

Hair Colour is something that everyone of us likes but yes, you are required to be open to change and you must to be an experimental person.

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